The New Revolutionary Roofing of Today!

Residential roofing is undergoing a revolutionary change in material usage, appearance, design and application. Home owners now no loner have to tolerate the perennial leaks, insecurity, heat and unsightly state of worn out traditional roof tiles long associated with the housing industry. This welcome change is the result of years of research and development where millions have been spent. The roof product that embodies all these qualities of excellence is “KAWA” Residential Roofing Series.

KAWA” Residential Roofing Series is the ultimate solution in beauty and design flexibility without compromising durability. The benefits that come with the change traditional roof tiles to “KAWA” Residential Roofing Series are plenty:



A unique range of contemporary colours specially formulated for a cool residential roofing application.


Modern Design

A refreshing new look of low pitched or smooth curved roof with aesthetic shadow lines effect.



Peace of mind as no more roof tiles can be removed easily by intruders.


Heat and Sound

Offers range of tried and tested methods of heat and sound insulation systems to suit every requirement.


Maintenance Free

KAWA” Residential Roofing Series is based on the formulated technology of Clean COLORBOND® steel designed for visionaries, built for nature.


Fully Certified

To ISO 9001 series. Assurance of warranty is backed by NS BlueScope Malaysia Sdn Bhd.